At DMC Atlanta, we are leaders in action. Since opening in 2003, our top priority has been to provide an opportunity to those who earn it. For those of you who are new, we realize that these are just words. So, to put our culture into perspective, we’re going to lay out a few key reasons why you should choose to build your career within our walls.

To start, we’ll highlight our why. Why do we care so deeply about developing others to be successful business leaders? Because success is a team activity. Growth is not linear, but by building a solid network of intelligent, driven individuals, nothing can hinder our collective progress. In other words, when one of us succeeds, we all succeed. If you’re not used to being a part of a people-focused company culture, we understand. DMC Atlanta is an outlier.

How do we build and develop our people? We equip every team member with the information and tools they need to become experts in the sales and marketing field. On top of this, we help them build their network from day one. All entry-level employees are paired with a mentor, we have an extensive management training program, and we attend multiple conferences throughout the year. Not even the COVID-19 pandemic could stop us from boosting our team’s careers. Our daily meetings and all training were held over Zoom, and conferences went from being in-person to virtual.

When it comes to developing experts, we’re pros. But, what about our office environment? Our surroundings shape how we react and how productive we are. As mentioned, we are people-focused here at DMC Atlanta. So, we work diligently to maintain an environment that is upbeat and positive. When you’re eager to get to work daily, you are more likely to exceed your goals. At the end of the day, we know that hitting our clients’ expectations is crucial, but why not make it enjoyable? 

Atlanta, GA, is our home, and we take our citizenship here very seriously. We promote having a philanthropic mindset and are active participants in volunteering throughout our community. Our team has a habit of going big. So, on top of our local engagement, we also raise money for blood banks and the Movember Foundation. Again, we are leaders in action – our competitive drive pushes us to do more and more for these organizations each year!

Choosing a career at DMC Atlanta means choosing an opportunity to let your work ethic determine your future. You’re not going to find another business that will guide you on your professional journey as we will. We’re ambitious, and with our management team at the helm, your success is guaranteed. All it takes to excel is to be self-accountable, resilient, dedicated, and loyal. If you’re ready to embrace your true potential, we are prepared to lead you.

To apply, email your resume to To learn more about our business, visit our website!

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