As we’ve mentioned in the past, when named a Best and Brightest Companies to Work For recipient, the recognition truly goes to our people. At DMC Atlanta, we’ve had the privilege of enjoying many accolades over the years, and every time, it comes down to the commitment of our team. They want to excel not just for themselves but for those they lead. So, each time we are notified that we’ll be adding another trophy to our case, we can’t help but hold our heads high in pride knowing the caliber of people we work with is award-worthy.

Today, we want to break down the results summary of our recent recognition – Best and Brightest Companies to Work For 2021. Through January 20, 2021, and June 12, 2021, our team members completed questionnaires where they rated various aspects of our company. We’re sharing some of those results with you to paint a clear picture of our overall company culture and opportunity.

Each category will showcase how we scored compared to other companies regionally, nationally, and in the elite category.

Strategic Company Performance – DMC Atlanta: 100% Atlanta: 86.5% Nationally: 85.6% Elite: 90%

Employee Achievement and Recognition – DMC Atlanta: 100% Atlanta: 84.2% Nationally: 82.9% Elite: 89%

Teamwork and Cooperation – DMC Atlanta: 100% Atlanta: 91.2% Nationally: 90.3% Elite: 94%

Compensation, Benefits, and Employee Solutions – DMC Atlanta: 84.7% Atlanta: 75.3% Nationally: 76.3% Elite: 82%

Employee Enrichment, Engagement and Retention – DMC Atlanta: 97.2% Atlanta: 83.1% Nationally: 83.3% Elite: 89%

Community Initiatives – DMC Atlanta: 97.2% Atlanta: 85.5% Nationally: 88.6% Elite: 91%

As you can see, DMC Atlanta outranked our competition in all categories. When the time came to anonymously provide honest and open feedback, our people chose to shine a positive light on our business. While our rankings were great, this report also broke down topics that our people found agreeable. When given the following statements, 100% of our team members marked that they were satisfied.

  • I am satisfied with the way this company recognizes performance achievements
  • I am satisfied with the company’s strategic performance
  • This company appreciates my work contributions
  • I am aware of this company’s strategic goals
  • If I was offered a similar position and pay at another company, I would stay at my company
  • This organization promotes a positive culture
  • I am able to attend the training I need to do my job well
  • I feel I am learning and growing on the job
  • Compared to other places I might work, I am paid fairly
  • I have the authority to make decisions necessary to do my job well

While we always appreciate being recognized for our efforts, what we value the most about this award is the feedback we’re provided. Knowing how highly our people regard our company and the work we put into their professional development helps us maintain our course as we continue to grow and exceed standards.

If you’re impressed with our results and are interested in learning how our company can help your career thrive, email your resume to We’ve moved past 2021’s halfway mark and are preparing to excel over the upcoming months. Reach out ASAP; we would love to have you onboard as we earn further recognition!

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