“What’s new at DMC Atlanta in 2019?” The answer, you ask? A LOT!

Resolutions, we realized, aren’t just for people. In fact, it is a business’s responsibility to objectively evaluate their progress and readjust their course when necessary. So, like good sailors, we made sure to carefully construct a vision of what a “better DMC Atlanta” looked like, complete with a list of action items of how we would achieve said goals in 2019. Here’s what we came up with and are busy implementing now:

PHASE 1: Healthy Body, Healthy Business.
We all know that one’s overall mental and physical health affect performance at work, right?! Ok, good! But did you know “among employers offering and measuring their wellness efforts, more than half have found a decrease in absenteeism, 63% are experiencing financial sustainability and growth in the organization, 66% reported increased productivity and 67% said employees are more satisfied?” With stats like these, we knew it was time to amp up our health & wellness initiatives through 2 offerings: 1) private yoga classes offered on site and led by a certified yogi (followed by a healthy lunch) and 2) paid gym memberships! Any team member who does 8 workouts in a month qualifies for a $25 membership and 16 workouts, a $50 membership. Pretty cool, we know! Talk about a great incentive to live a healthier, more well-rounded lifestyle! Healthy body, healthy business.

PHASE 2: Show me the benefits!
We’ve always believed strongly in rewarding our team members, but now have a structured points system to do so! Points are earned weekly by grossing over $1K in sales, which are then traded in for a variety of perks including paid days off to volunteer at a charity around Atlanta, 2 tickets to a professional sporting game, dinner with the CEO, $200 gift cards to a restaurant or spa of your choice, a paid business trip to visit an out of state client location, and even a 3 night cruise with airfare. No matter what our team is motivated by – money, time, food, or travel – we’ve thought of it and made it even more attainable. As Richard Branson says, “I have always believed that the way you treat your employees is the way they will treat your customers and that people flourish when they are praised.”

PHASE 3: Strengthened leadership training & development.
We have BIG goals this year between exceeding our client’s market share growth to our firm’s own national expansion. In order to do so, our team has to be at their best. The only way they’ll be at their best is if we provide them the best environment to do so. We’re committed to becoming more hands-on as a management team in 2019 and more relentless towards helping our people grow successfully, provided they are willing to do the work and make the personal changes that are required. This means more meetings, more one-on-one conversations, more developmental books, more coffee over brainstorming sessions, more intensity, more everything! If you don’t believe how serious we are about being better coaches for our team, our CEO recently posted a video online where he was the first person in our ENTIRE building to make it to the office. Now that’s commitment.
If there’s one thing we realize every January, it’s that new years come and new years go, but our team deserves our absolute best year-round. So whether it’s adopting work out classes and paid gym memberships to promote a healthier lifestyle or sending our people on a cruise to Cancun, we’ll make it happen because they make it happen.

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