It’s no surprise when we think of our company’s recent growth, our thoughts lead back to Julia Ling. After all, she is one of only four people who are single-handedly responsible for the talent scouting and acquisition of new team members at DMC Atlanta. As we prepare to wrap up the first quarter of 2019, we wanted to give some well-deserved appreciation to Julia and shine a light on the persona that is springboarding our company into success this new year.

Born in Des Moines, Iowa to a long-standing Midwestern family, Julia spent her first three years in a place of familial comfort. Her family, though, was the first of their kin to move down South, settling in Alpharetta until Julia’s high school graduation. An outgoing, hardworking, Southern belle at heart, Julia adapted quickly. She found her hobby in cheerleading, a sport she pursued all through high school, even becoming the team’s captain her Senior year. As scholarly as she was social, Julia also excelled in AP classes and in her position at Chick-fil-A.

IMG_5357Good grades and great extracurriculars brought Julia to Georgia Southern in Statesboro, where she found her niche as a Marketing major and with the Kappa Kappa Gamma sisterhood. Her natural leadership, organizational, and people skills generated a recommendation by her sisters for their Risk Management Chair, a position Julia excelled at for a full school year. College sped by for Ling, and before she knew it, May 2018 was approaching and it was time to begin her search for life post-graduation.

Luckily, Julia was ahead of the game, applying back to DMC Atlanta in February.  Three interviews and a week after graduation later, Julia was the newest Marketing / Sales Rep in our Management Training Program. From day one, she approached her new career like she does everything: with a smile, a dash of enthusiasm, and a splash of positivity. Not even a few weeks into her initial role, Julia had made such a tremendous impression that she was offered a position in the company’s Human Resources Department.

IMG_5356Citing DMC Atlanta as one of the biggest teachers in her life about mentality and positivity, we think it’s safe to say that the teacher appeared because the student was ready. If there’s one thing we love about Julia, it’s that she’s eager to learn and anxious to grow – a powerful combination in a merit-based company like DMC Atlanta.

Now, 8 months since starting, Julia is making strides and already planning her career progression with the company. Stating, “because I want a big family in the future and want them to have a certain lifestyle, I know I have to work hard now in order to bring that to life…and I’m ready to.”

IMG_5352Preparing for her upcoming wedding to fiancee, Chris Copeland, Julia spends her free time in “planning mode or Netflix mode,” she says! Her love extends to her family, faith, Senegence team, and Chihuaha-Pincher, Charlotte, and our adoration extends to her. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to our vision, Julia. You are truly one of a kind.

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