Believe it or not, we’re asked this question often. People say “DMC Atlanta is well known in Atlanta for its Management Training Program…why doesn’t everyone make it into management.” Our immediate internal response is “well, not everyone is meant to be a great leader,” but in fact, we think it boils down to a much simpler answer: fear, doubt, and guilt.


Have you ever not done something personally or professionally because you were unsure of what the outcome would be? We know we have. There are teams we didn’t try out for, relationships we didn’t pursue, and goals we didn’t hit. “Why do we do this to ourselves,” you ask? FEAR. At some basic level, we all fear rejection, failure, discomfort, change, embarrassment, and disappointment.


The unfortunate complement that often pairs itself with fear is doubt. Have you ever doubted your ability before doing something? Paralyzed yourself during with thought? Poisoned your mind after that it was finished? Told yourself you weren’t skilled enough, quick enough, had enough time…sound familiar? Spoiler alert: We’ve had all of the same thoughts too. The truth, though, is that they’re not helping any of us in our developmental process. A lack of self-confidence, like fear, is crippling.


The most detrimental of the three comes knocking and now guilt has entered the picture. You feel remorse that you didn’t give something your best effort, an unease that you let someone down or worse, you let yourself down. Guilt paralyzes us and starts the cycle of fear and doubt all over again; a self-perpetuating pattern of emotions getting in the way of success. Yet, as we all know, there is no second chances and guilt does no one any good.

With 9 months left in 2018, here’s how and what our CEO at DMC Atlanta, Adam Dorfman, recommends you replace these 3 emotions with:


If we replace fear and interject fun into the equation, the effects at work or home spin 180. Making projects or promotions an adventure, instead of cause for stress, frees up your ability to be more creative, more enjoyable to work with, and pragmatic! Having FUN at work or at home breathes energy into your results and attracts people to you. It is the ingredient most businesses and partnerships are missing. 


Do you know what happens when you replace doubt with discipline? GREATNESS. Whereas doubt leaves you frozen or inserts trepidation in your work, discipline keeps you calm, cool and collected. Discipline is what hours and hours and hours of practice look like until doubt completely fades away. Whether it’s a skill at work or a sport you’re looking to master, the best way to do it is with structure and routine.


We invite you now to replace guilt with gratitude; to replace questioning with appreciation. Gratitude for waking up every day, gratitude for work that supports you, the family that loves you. At DMC Atlanta, we preach mindfulness and believe that self-awareness will soon erase feelings of guilt as you know you are closer to becoming the best version of your self. Give thanks more and watch your life start to transform.

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