In a world where wage gaps and gender inequality still exist, there comes DMC Atlanta; a business where performance and merit are the ONLY indicators for advancement and women like Ganessa Pickens FLOURISH!

Strong, confident, go-getting, entrepreneurial, ambitious – these are just several of the many adjectives used to describe Ganessa, newest Assistant Manager here at DMC Atlanta.

A California native, raised in Riverside, Ganessa was actually born the youngest of EIGHT siblings (we think it’s why she’s such a great communicator)! Growing up with 5 sisters and 2 brothers, she mastered the art of negotiation early (ha-ha), and grew up an outgoing socialite! Very involved in her church, Ganessa took on leadership roles in her community, earned honor-roll grades in school, and was known for being very decisive and self-assured!

Moving into high school, Ganessa joined Student Government and acted as the Vice President her senior year! She learned valuable leadership skills during her time as VP, and wanted to continue that in college with a focus on graphic design! Choosing Grand Canyon University, Ganessa soon fell in love with the social aspect of college but quickly found marketing to be better suited for her personality type and interests. Working while also going to school full time, she learned to master her time-management as a busy professional!

Returning back to California after graduation, Ganessa began working for our client out in Rancho Cucamonga! Intrigued by the opportunity to progress into management based on merit and the opportunity to talk face-to-face with new people daily, Ganessa excelled at sales and customer acquisitions. When maintaining a long-distance relationship with her significant other became increasingly difficult, she made the decision to relocate to our client’s Atlanta based office, DMC Atlanta!

Starting with DMC Atlanta in December 2015, Ganessa recently celebrated her 2-year anniversary with the company with a promotion to Assistant Management. Attributing her success to her love for people, communication, and newfound patience, Ganessa has surpassed every expectation we had set for her and some. She brings a new-found sense of energy & enthusiasm to our executive team.

Outside of the office, she loves working out, going to the movies, shopping, arts & crafts, and spending time with friends & family! With goals of being promoted into Management, working on her 6-pack, traveling to Costa Rica & Mexico, and giving back more to her family, Ganessa is a woman on a mission!

Her advice to anyone starting with DMC Atlanta is to be willing & ready to make the personal changes needed to be successful and be of the mindset that change and development should happen often. 

In writing this blog, we hope to convey the value each team member brings to DMC Atlanta and how pertinent Ganessa is to our company’s environment and growth! Stay tuned on Facebook this Spring as we announce her upcoming promoting into Management!

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