One of the things in life that most people don’t seem to understand is that you can control your attitude or your attitude can control you. The only person that can maintain your emotions is YOU, therefore, you are the master of your mindset. With this being said, we’re throwing down the gauntlet and offering you a challenge. Can you maintain a positive attitude for one week straight? (It’s a lot harder than it sounds). Challenge accepted? Perfect! Now, we won’t throw you to the wolves without giving you a bit of knowledge beforehand, so, take notes. Below, we will be discussing three ways that you can take control and maintain your mentality. Are you ready?!

Take action and then let it go

As a business leader, there will be times that you have to do something that you really don’t want to do. So, you have two options. You can keep putting it off and worrying over it OR you can tackle it, knock it off your list, and be done with it; it really is that simple! Don’t waste valuable time worrying over things you have complete control over. Have that conversation, tackle that to-do list or set up that meeting with your mentor. Don’t fret, just act! You have the ability to control the ebb and flow of your stress levels, which directly impact your attitude, by staying on top of things and letting go of stress. Still, worried you won’t meet our challenge? Read on!

Surround yourself with positive, like-minded individuals

Have you ever heard of the saying, “you are who you surround yourself with?” Luckily, at DMC Atlanta, we are surrounded by a group of driven and energetic people that make maintaining a great attitude easy. But, say that’s not the case.  Behaviors are contagious. If you are surrounded by people that are negative and lazy, then you, in turn, will start to exhibit those character traits as well. However, if you surround yourself with people that consciously work hard to stay positive, are energetic, and driven, then you too, by association, will exhibit those traits. You are in control of your attitude but greatly influenced by your surroundings. So, be particular about who you choose to engage and interact with.

Don’t compare yourself to others

One sure fire way to kill your positive attitude is to start comparing yourself to those around you. We are all on our own individual journeys and we progress at different speeds. Comparison, as they say, is the thief of joy. You will drag yourself down if you agonize on why you aren’t where other people are. Don’t be ashamed of where your journey has taken you thus far. Be proud of what you have accomplished and excited about what you are working to achieve. When you stay optimistic and driven, you will be a stronger leader for your business and a great example for your team.

Hopefully, by now, you are feeling fired up about taking on our attitude challenge. It should be a breeze since the only person that can make you fail is yourself! The DMC Atlanta team has full confidence in you, and we know that you are about to have the most successful week of your career. By maintaining a great attitude, you are guaranteeing a happy and successful life for you and for your team. Now, let the mentality games begin!  

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