Every person deserves the opportunity to be as successful as they want to be — provided they are willing to do the work and make the personal changes that are required.

Since our inception in 2003, we have centered our company’s principles around this guiding “why statement.” We believe that success is a choice, not a right and that anyone can achieve their version of success (financial, job title, freedoms, etc.). So why do some thrive within our Management Program, and others find themselves struggling to grow? It boils down to their adoption of our core values.

  1. Integrity – the foundation of it all. To truly excel within our firm, someone has to do the right thing – no matter what. Having integrity may sound easy, but when a task is more complex, or when it takes longer or is more daunting, and corners are still not cut, that is the difference between those who will excel in management and those who will not.
  2. Opportunity – We say that we’re an opportunity-based business loud and proud because we find it unique from other corporate models! At DMC Atlanta, the chance to grow internally in our company is 100% performance-based. What that means is simple; you will never be bypassed for a promotion by someone external to the company. Your growth trajectory with never be influenced by someone else’s credentials or seniority, but instead by the work YOU put in.
  3. Leadership – DMC Atlanta provides team members with the chance to learn from the best in the sales and marketing industries and transition into effective leaders. There’s no “sink or swim mentality” here. We believe in guided mentorship throughout every phase of someone’s development, from entry-level to management. Authentic leadership, to us, is helping others become the best versions of themselves both inside and outside the office.
  1. Relationships – Which leads us to our fourth core value. The DMC Atlanta team is a family; we work together to celebrate individual achievement and team success. Our friendships extend beyond the office, and we’re incredibly proud of that. We’ve celebrated birthdays, weddings, babies, promotions, and more together, and believe this appreciation for one another has built stronger bonds within the office.
  2. Diversity – It’s what makes us unique, brings new ideas to the table, and helps us evolve. No matter someone’s background or experience, they have an equal opportunity to grow at DMC Atlanta. That means regardless of upbringing, education, extracurriculars, etc., the playing field is level for all those who step up to bat.
  3. Fairness & Transparency – We believe that wherever someone is, is where they are supposed to be. At DMC Atlanta, both successes and setbacks are earned. With opportunity and leadership, if someone has capitalized on these, we find their growth to be extremely fair. If not, we’re transparent with them that they’re in a position correlated to their input. Fairness and transparency allow individuals ample room to improve and put themselves in a more favorable place.

Values would be nothing without action, but we can confidently say that these six values are prioritized by our executive team down. With 18 years of accomplishments under our belt and a rock-solid mission driving us, we move forward into the last months of 2021 with renewed vigor. Our purpose is clear, and our passion for what we do and who we work with propels us.

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