In our most impressive fundraising efforts yet, the DMC Atlantateam announces with immense pride that we have raised over $58,000 in 6 weeks for the Movember Foundation, a cause first brought to us in 2010 by our CEO, Adam Dorfman.

How Did We Do It? 

Our process was three-fold! First, we established a target goal and a commitment to all get involved as an organization; each and every member. Second, we made sure to integrate our fundraising efforts with our social media and team meetings keeping everyone informed, energetic, and competitive. Lastly, we established three distinct fundraisers – the first being an exclusive “Steak & Whiskey” dinner hosted at our CEO’s house, the second being a “Bunco Night” coordinated with Mellow Mushroom, and the last being a “Burrito For A Cause” day with Chipotle. Coupled with online donations, most heavily through Facebook, we exceeded our initial $50,000 goal by far!

Why Do We Do It? 

Really simple. We know we can make a difference. As professional communicators, we believe it is our social corporate responsibility to use our professional talents for good. We believe that men are dying too young, whether it be from prostate, testicular, or mental health issues. Many issues that trouble men are considered taboo to talk about or go unrecognized and untreated for years. We vow to change that by growing out our facial hair, starting conversations about the cause, and raising a monstrous amount of money for research and awareness!

When Do We Do It? 

We begin our Movember fundraising the first week of November and extend it to the first week of December! In this month we participate in a “no shave movement,” growing our mustaches and beards to raise funds for men’s health. Did you know that men die on average six years earlier than women? Wonder why? 2 of the many reasons – reasons why we believe in the Movember movement – include higher fatal suicide attempts and less doctor visits. We can change this together.

How You Can Get Involved!

It doesn’t have to be November for you to get involved! You also don’t have to work at DMC Atlanta to help us make a difference. Here’s what you can do. 1) Read up on the Movember organization and cause here. Educate yourself on issues troubling the male population and encourage your male loved ones to get routine health care check-ups. 2) Come out to one of our events! They’re usually over food and fellowship and are always a good time. 3) Find an amount monthly or one time that you’re comfortable donating and join our fundraising team online! Even if it’s $20, it’s $20 that goes into saving a life and that is immeasurable.

To everyone who contributed to our philanthropy and made this reality a possibility, we are eternally grateful to you. What an honor it is to work and associate with such generous, selfless people who truly care about the betterment of their global community. Until our next fundraiser in November 2018, mustache out! 👨

Read the full press release here.

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