The evolution of Savanah’s career during her time with DMC Atlanta is one that deserves to be recognized and celebrated. A shy, 21-year-old with minimal work experience (but MASSIVE aspirations) quickly blossomed into a powerhouse in the recruiting world over the last 3.5 years, showcasing that the right person willing to make the necessary personal and professional changes can accomplish anything they put their mind to. With Savanah now moving into a Talent Acquisition role with OmniEngine, an affiliate client of DMC Atlanta, based on a glowing recommendation from our CEO, Adam Dorfman, we can’t help but reflect on Savanah’s character and the journey that got us here!

Born in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and raised there for 8 years, Savanah great up as the youngest of 3 siblings! When her family moved to Sharpsburg, just 45 minutes South of Atlanta, Savanah acclimated easily, throwing herself into activities ranging from cheerleading and gymnastics to volleyball.  Outgoing even as a child, she recalls days and summers spent outside with neighborhood friends.

When asked about her entrepreneurial drive, Savanah states “I grew up seeing my dad self-employed and helping my parents with their painting and remodeling businesses. We would buy houses, flip them, resell them, everything! I saw early on the perks of having a career that was meaningful, a career that helped people, and challenged myself.”

With college approaching, Savanah went with what she knew from high school, which was Dental Hygiene. Fortunately, she realized early on that was not her calling and was able to switch to a marketing and social media management major that suited her creative side better. After school, Savanah knew she didn’t want to stay stagnant in Sharpsburg, so she took the plunge and moved into the city — an environment that would always keep her busy and offer greater career opportunities.

As it turns out, she was 100% right about Atlanta, starting her first career outside of college in business-to-business sales, a catalyst for her soon-to-be recruiting career at DMC Atlanta. Sales helped stretch and strengthen Savanah’s communications skills, transforming her to become a more confident, self-assured person. That skill set only multiplied further after being hired at DMC Atlanta. 3.5 years later, when Savanah approached us about creating a new position, we knew exactly where she was needed and how it would benefit both her and our network of clients. Now with a hyper-focus on talent acquisitions for senior sales positions, we think it’s safe to say that stepping outside of her small city comfort zone paid off.

When asked about her favorite memory with DMC Atlanta, Savanah instantly claims, “Easy! The Dominican Republic for a rest & relaxation weekend with the team. It was my first time out of the country for recreation and everything I hoped for. I got to swim with the dolphins with some of my favorite people in the world. It was great.”

Her advice to anyone new starting in the company is this: “Be open to challenging yourself. You’re going to learn a lot in a short time and it might feel like too much at times but it’s so worth it! Come in with an open mind and just jump right in!”

As for her free time, Savanah enjoys taking different fitness classes, exploring new restaurants across Atlanta, and attending every concert and festival possible! Her zest for life is contagious and her ambition infectious. It has been an absolute pleasure working side by side with Savanah these last years, and an even greater pleasure to watch her emerge as the businesswoman we always knew she could be. Savanah, congratulations on taking this next step in your career. You make us proud.

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