In this modern generation, the dreams of “one day” and “big kid jobs” look far different than they once did. More and more, we are seeing young adults shy away from traditional fields of medicine or law, instead opting for more complex fields that were not even accessible as a major 10 years ago (hello, social media management)! One of the most popular college degrees in 2019 is Communications, but what does this mean post-graduation? Where can someone go after studying modern communications for 4-6 years? What’s next career-wise for the generation who has grown up never knowing a time without cell phones or wi-fi? The answers are limitless, and a background centered on people is the most important thing a young professional can have.

Here at DMC Atlanta, we do “face-to-face sales. In specific, retail-based sales. No telemarketing, and not door-to-door cold calling. For our clients, it’s about high-volume, big-box retail traffic. Our focus, in alignment with their vision, is about creating a personal connection to ensure life-long customers, not about creating more impulse buyers.” Put simply, face-to-face sales is all about people. We are passionate about working with people, interacting with teammates and customers, and hearing the stories of others. Face-to-face sales are the one career path that can’t be globalized or made obsolete; in essence, it is robot-proof. One on one communication and human connection cannot be replicated through algorithms or technology, making this one of the only assured paths. Obviously, nothing in life is guaranteed, but people skills and human empathy will always be in demand…HIGH demand, especially as our world continues to evolve technologically.

But what is the stigma around sales? Here at DMC Atlanta, we know that ignorance is not bliss. We acknowledge the attitude around this career, but we actively work to change it. To some, the drive for human connection that lives in the sales world looks phony or manipulative, but that could not be further from the truth. Sales are not about manipulating people into reaching your goals, but rather connecting with someone and detecting the true desire within them. Sales are not all about selling products; it’s about selling peace of mind, security, comfort- all of the things humans crave beneath the physical product.

Still, the stigma around sales prevents people from pursuing the field and pushes parents to steer their kids away from the ever-present career opportunities. Something we often hear from people concerned for middle-class American jobs is, “no child of mine will have to do face-to-face sales.” This statement is a clear sign of misunderstanding and confusion about business, when in fact, every company operates and thrives in direct correlation to the strength of its sales. Modern-day, face-to-face sales don’t mimic the debauchery of Wolf of Wall Street or the manipulation of Wall Street. Our main priority is in the title- face to face. If the heart of sales lived in a desire to manipulate, we would rest behind desks, punching numbers on a phone, and speaking from a script. That’s not how we do it here at DMC Atlanta. We start our mornings with a simple reminder of why we are here- people.

The sales industry is on the up and up, and now more than ever, sales is an optimal career choice for America’s young professionals. In response to this stigma, the industry tends to fall on other words, completely shirking the title of “sales” in an effort to avoid judgment. Today, we are ending that. We are DMC Atlanta, and our focus is face-to-face sales, our passion is people, and our future is promised.

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