“I believe success in life is like a green tree. The leaves on its branches together make the tree look green. These leaves are small achievements in life. You have to decide whether the tree of success is green enough for you or not.” – Palak Joshi

At twenty-four years old, Senior Account Manager and Moscow native, Ramtin Majidivandarni, has experienced more than most. Before joining the DMC Atlanta team in January of 2021, he played football at Auburn University, battled leukemia his freshman year, went into remission, and finished his Bachelor’s degree at Kennesaw State University. Currently, Ramtin is completing his Master’s degree while adamantly pursuing his long-term goal – consultantship within our industry.

“The experiences of college that had an impact on my life were realizing the importance of others and working with others, the independence, finding a purpose for my future, massive introduction to diversity, discipline, responsibility, adulting, and life-long friends. Change came in terms of all my priorities, confidence, self-change, way of judgment, and, most importantly, personal growth.”

With his sights set on spending 2022 earning promotions for himself and his team, Ramtin is very future-focused. His resilient attitude has helped him reach this point in his life and career and will see him through every target he sets for himself. Never giving up and striving for greatness is what he lists as his greatest strengths, none of which is surprising to us. Ramtin has thrived within a merit-based environment and appreciates our “nobody wins unless everybody wins” mentality. We are excited to continue assisting as he builds his team and comes into his own as a leader.

“They say grapes must be crushed to make wine; diamonds are formed under pressure; olives are pressed to make oil; seeds grow in darkness.”

Over the past year, Ramtin has grown exponentially personally and professionally. From the start, he has been ambitious and approached every day as an opportunity to “do better.” When meeting with potential and current team members, he’s looking for these qualities as well as integrity. He leads by example and looks for people whom he believes will be a sponge, eagerly soaking up all of the knowledge that he shares. Ramtin grew up in a family of pastors and developed a love for helping others from a young age. While he’s constantly pushing himself closer to his goals, he’s doing the same for those around him. Being team-oriented comes second nature!

As Ramtin works through our Management Training Program, he isn’t solely thinking of his future promotion to ownership. He’s eager to go beyond that, to be a resource for opportunity to others in his community. Have you picked up on the character trait that has our DMC Atlanta team feeling confident about Ramtin’s future? No matter the topic of conversation, his thoughts always circle back to leadership and how he can do good. Even his advice to entry-level employees is worthy of writing down!

“Have a strong why, decide what’s important, seek support from mentors, stay resilient, dedicated, and focused, and don’t give up until your goals are met.”

As mentioned, Ramtin is always thinking about his next steps, even when measuring his success. To see if he’s on track, he looks to his hero – himself in ten years. While a never-ending process, this allows him to keep his head grounded. He is a self-titled introvert-extrovert who has the perfect mentality needed to excel as a leader and business owner. People gravitate to him, and he has the self-assurance to get the job done every day. After beating stage 3 leukemia, no obstacle could ever scare him into his comfort zone. He refused to give up hope when fighting for his life, and that mindset has trickled over into his professional career.

Ramtin, know that we are grateful for all you do here at DMC Atlanta and that our team is cheering you on every step of the way! You set such a strong example of what a leader should look like, and we know that others in our office are working hard to emulate your habits and strategies. Thank you for being a source of growth and positivity!

“Fight until your last breath to make life surrender to you.”

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