If you’ve ever met Shamar Robinson, you understand what we mean when we say he “radiates good energy.” A positive force for our entire DMC Atlanta crew, we were blessed with Shamar’s presence for 3 full years until his recent management promotion and expansion to Pensacola, FL! In true DMC fashion, we wanted to give Shamar a proper congratulations and “thank you” by sharing his story and progression to management.

A product of Marietta, GA, Shamar grew up as an only child with a mischievous smile and the gift of persuasion! Sociable and athletic, he spent his free time on the basketball court and hanging out with friends.

Joining his father’s automotive business after graduation, Shamar dived into learning everything he could about cars, operations, and helping a local small business grow! He faithfully helped his family business grow, while enjoying working on old muscle cars and learning how to be an entrepreneur. When he started a family of his own, Shamar learned the value of working hard for a cause and soon sought opportunities to oversee his own business.

Deciding to start a home-improvement carpet-cleaning business in Atlanta, his love for face-to-face interaction with people grew. Using the natural communication skills he’s had since childhood (just ask his Mom!), Shamar ran his own business for two years before deciding to pursue a career at DMC Atlanta. Finding his resume on a job board online and wanting his experience in our company, Shamar was actively recruited by our Human Resources team as a prospect for our Management Training Program!

Intrigued first by the earning potential available here at DMC Atlanta, Shamar soon fell in love with the people and the growth opportunity! When our CEO, Adam Dorfman, personally gave him the Simon Sinek book Start With Why, Shamar quickly realized that the level of care and respect from the DMC Atlanta management team was something special; he saw that his success mattered and would be celebrated, as long as he continued to put in the work and make the necessary changes.

3 years later with a family that had grown to 5 children and hundreds of memories with his DMC Atlanta team, Shamar was officially promoted into a management position in April 2017 and was asked to help our client expand further southeast into Pensacola. Since his move with 6 talented DMC Atlanta team members, Shamar has embraced Florida and it market potential with all of his might. Learning from his mentors over the years, he works with intensity, focus, and commitment to his people.

With a long-term vision to influence his team and community, Shamar has goals of running a high-performing office and then putting into play a local leadership group that mentors young men. Shamar hopes to share what he was once taught by Adam and our VP of Development, Jenna: each person has a race to run but his/her own definition of the finishing line; focus on your preparation and destination and the race will soon be won!

With a gift of being able to build great relationships in a short amount of time, we know that Shamar’s reach will soon be as large as his electric personality. See more of his time with us here at DMC Atlanta on our website, or follow us on Instagram for the latest Shamar sightings!

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