We talk a lot here at DMC Atlanta about having the mentality of an athlete. Though our backgrounds and athletic abilities vary, the common denominator among every single team member in our firm is that we’re extremely competitive. Our team members at DMC Atlanta also share an unshakable work ethic, focus, and a relentless drive.

With 14 years of experience under our belt, we can spot talent from a mile away. When we met Cole Branch, the newest Manager at DMC Atlanta, we knew he had all of the makings to be highly successful in our Management Training Program.

A Marietta, GA native, Cole found a love for lacrosse at an early age. Honing his craft throughout high school, Cole earned a Division 1 athletic scholarship to play at Mercer University and was both a star athlete and student for the next 4 years. Pursuing both a marketing & management degree, Cole graduated in May 2014.

After moving back to Atlanta post-graduation and looking to gain sales experience, Cole came upon DMC Atlanta online. Joining the team with prior retail and customer service experience, his natural people skills made the transition into this new industry a breeze. Learning from our CEO, Adam, and our VP of Development, Jenna, that his years of athletic training and practices were all preparation for a performance-based business like DMC Atlanta’s, Cole made a commitment to give his career as much effort as he gave lacrosse. None of us were surprised when just 3 years later, Cole received a massive promotion into a management role.

Having traveled to Denver a few years earlier for a lacrosse match, Cole quickly fell in love with the city. Upon being offered the opportunity to help our client expand there earlier this summer, he jumped at the chance and relocated with 7 of DMC’s Atlanta’s finest to the Mile High City!

Since expanding to Denver, Cole has grown the office three-fold and isn’t stopping there. With goals of providing the same opportunity to others that he was given at DMC Atlanta, he comes into work every day with the same intensity he brought to the field during college. Teaching others that the skills they start with on day 1 are as transferable as the ones he brought to the table 3 years ago, Cole looks for the hungry, the motivated, and the ambitious.

As DMC Atlanta continues to flourish and expand nationally, we seek the “Coles” of the world.  We aim to provide a structured process of leadership development and management training that takes people, like Cole, who are willing to work hard, learn, improve, and grow.

With the continued mentorship of our executive team, we know that this promotion is just the first of many for Cole. Be sure to subscribe to our WordPress page to catch news about Cole and his team and share your congratulations in the comments below!

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