During unprecedented times, the ultimate challenge is often overcoming one’s mindsets and limiting beliefs. When facing a pandemic like the one currently in our midst, it can be easy to dwell in the hardships and let negative thoughts consume us. For this exact reason, we are left with two options: to remain defeated or to rise to the challenge.

Our answer? Challenge accepted. Though COVID-19 approached rapidly and unexpectedly, the DMC Atlanta crew refused to let this predicament dampen our spirits. We have been determined to take advantage of the extra time given to us and utilize it in a way that ensures we evolve as an even stronger company and unit.

“At DMC Atlanta, we believe that for any endeavor to succeed, the entire team must be on the same page about the mission and direction of the company – WHY we exist. We must share an ideology so that the entire team is moving with force in the same direction to conquer goals and overcome obstacles, paving a way for our team’s success.”

Our resilience as a whole is what makes DMC Atlanta a top workplace in Atlanta and the country. In following through with our mission for these last eight weeks, we began by taking part in weekly calls that featured business professionals leading industries in telecommunications, therapeutics, real estate, and beyond.

These virtual calls allowed our teammates to hear wise words and learn valuable lessons from those who’ve experienced the ins and outs of their respective fields. For example, Dixon Dedman, founder of Kentucky Owl Bourbon and proprietor of the award-winning Beaumont Inn in Harrodsburg, KY, shed a light on the importance of entrepreneurship and how to build a successful brand.

Scott Dorfman, Founder, former Chairman, & CEO of Innotrac Corporation (NASDAQ: INOC), gave us key insight on the importance of mentality in business and how to scale hurdles like COVID-19 so that we can all come out on top. Furthermore, we heard from featured executives such as Cody Friesen, Rick Kueber, Gary Polson, Ryan Cone, Larry Dorman, and DMC Atlanta’s President, Adam Dorfman.

From the beginning, we made it a priority to maintain an atmosphere of learning, even while working remotely from home, and it’s safe to say we succeeded. In addition to putting our student mentalities into practice daily, we also crafted a goal to keep up our lively company culture. Throughout this time, we digitally held happy hours, team activities, celebrated birthdays, and even a college commencement.

Knowing that our efforts to continually strengthen ourselves as professionals, and holding up our team’s culture were successfully in effect, we knew it was time to reopen our company’s team expansion. We collaborated on a new recruitment module and are proud to say that digital hiring is now available.

DMC Atlanta did not let limiting beliefs keep us from reaching our superior potential. Tried and true, we worked together as a unit to strengthen our goals, our mindsets, and our overall core. We are prepared and ready to surpass any future obstacles that may come our way.

“Where we are at any given moment is the sum of the decisions we have made.”

Mission accomplished. To access further information regarding who we are, the services we offer, and our company culture, we encourage you to visit our website. From all of us at DMC Atlanta, we wish you great safety and health.

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