This month, our DMC Atlanta team had the pleasure of sitting down with Account Manager, Tony Bourdon, to discuss life, growth, and success in the industry. We are eternally grateful for the work of all of our team members, and especially the drive and dedication of Bourdon.

Anthony Bourdon was born and raised in Tampa, Florida, before moving up to Atlanta in 2003 with his family. As a kid, Bourdon remembers being lots of fun and slightly mischievous. “I had a good amount of friends,” says Bourdon, “there was never a boring day.” Bourdon was never much of an athlete but found a way to sharpen his competitive drive and grow his creativity. “I was the first chair in my school’s orchestra for violin,” says Bourdon, “I played a few concerts for Disney World and the State Fair. It was very competitive to achieve the first chair position. It showed me the key to success comes down to how hard you are willing to work, and how badly you want to succeed.”

After graduating from high school, Bourdon continued his strides for success and leadership in his college experience. “I attended college twice,” says Bourdon, “the first time was at the Art Institute of Atlanta for Game Art and Design. After completing that, I went to Georgia State University for Computer Science and International Business. During my time at Georgia State University, I was voted into the position of President of the Computer Science Club on campus.”

“My life completely changed when I moved to Atlanta and attended college the first time. I learned so much about life and becoming an adult and finding my drive to succeed.”

Bourdon officially started with the company on July 23rd, 2018. “My first thoughts when starting with DMC, was these people are nuts,” jokes Bourdon, “they had way too much energy and enjoyed their jobs way too much. Everyone had awesome energy and a sense of drive to succeed.”

In the days that have followed since that fated July day, Bourdon has found great success and growth, both personally and professionally. “I’ve learned how much I love helping others, be it through working with new customers or helping my team achieve their goals. The biggest change this career has made in me is in my confidence; I no longer ask myself if I can do something, but what I will go for after I do.”

For Tony Bourdon, the future is paved with success and record-breaking. “My goal is to help our client expand,” says Bourdon, “I want to assist our organization in its growth initiatives and offer more amazing people the same opportunity that was offered to me.”

Fun fact about Tony: For years he worked in the fashion industry, managing showrooms for top name designers like Faviana NY!IMG952265.jpgFB_IMG_1545159537495.jpgFB_IMG_1538024828727.jpg

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