A few weeks back, our DMC Atlanta family traveled from all across the United States to Eatonton, GA, for a team retreat. We aim to come together a few times a year to reconnect, and like always, this trip was one that we will never forget. Eatonton is beautiful this time of the year and was the perfect destination for our people to relax, share ideas, and mentally rejuvenate, with the goal of everyone getting into a winning headspace.

While conferences are an excellent opportunity for all of us to come together, they can feel rushed due to the tight schedule. Retreats, however, are designed to give everyone a chance to network, have fun, and brainstorm in a relaxed environment. To commemorate our days spent in Eatonton, we’re sharing a few of the events we had on our itinerary. 

Located roughly two hours outside of Atlanta, Eatonton is a small community that welcomed us with open arms. While there, we took advantage of the beautiful Georgia weather and played group games; this allowed us to have a little fun while strengthening relationships between our team members. Our goal is for everyone within our organization to feel connected to one another, opening up lines of communication between offices and allowing the sharing of information and knowledge to flow more freely.

Next up was a leader’s panel led by our Founder, Adam Dorfman, and other industry leaders. All play and no knowledge shared is time wasted! So whenever we come together, we make sure that we set aside time to answer questions, dive into healthy work habits, and talk about mindset and the power we have over our own growth rate. Everyone benefits from these sessions, our leadership team included. There is always room for growth, and it is this mindset that has allowed our people to excel over the years continuously. They’re always learning, always looking to widen their network!

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” – Albert Einstein

We wrapped up our retreat by gathering under the stars for a relaxing bonfire; Adam even brought out his guitar. While we spend most of the year pushing ourselves to be the best, to hit our goals, and exceed expectations, it’s imperative to take a step back sometimes and enjoy a warm spring evening around a fire. Through our relationships with one another, we will reach our long-term goals. So these retreats, these moments of unrushed quality time, mean the world to our DMC Atlanta family!

Our Eatonton retreat was one for the history books. We made memories that will last us a lifetime and got into a positive headspace. 2022 is already shaping up to be our best year yet, and after everything shared in Eatonton, we can confidently say that the achievements of our team members are just getting started! If you would like to attend our next retreat or accompany us at our industry’s upcoming conference, email your resume to hr@dmcatlanta.com. We are actively growing our team and look forward to speaking with you!

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