If there were only two words to describe DMC Atlanta, it would be growth-centric. Our every move is geared towards growing our team, expanding our reach, and upping our metrics in all regards: sales, customer retention, training, etc. Recruiters, Sydney Brown and Chloe Evans are the foundation of our business and add fuel to our ever-increasing desire to help our clients reach their quarterly targets. These two powerhouses are irreplaceable members of the DMC Atlanta team, and we feel lucky to reap the benefits of their skill sets.

We are eager to shine a much-deserved spotlight on these two women and provide you with insight into their mindsets, experience, and upcoming goals. Who we surround ourselves with directly impacts our success rate, which is why we feel lucky to work with Sydney and Chloe. Hopefully, the following Q&A motivates you to reach out to them directly and kick-start the career-altering opportunity they offer!

To start, let’s focus on the beginning of your journeys to DMC Atlanta. When did the both of you start?

Sydney: November 15th, 2021

Chloe: August 25th, 2022

We know you’ve both expressed a desire to work in our industry long-term. Since you’ve started working with us, how has your career grown?

Sydney: I’ve developed deeper people and communication skills.

Chloe: My career has escalated fairly quickly. I started recruiting a month after starting at DMC Atlanta.

What do you love most about working in recruiting?

Sydney: Being one of the first people within the business that candidates meet.

Chloe: I love to be that initial person that gives out that excitement from our company and makes them feel like this is a great new opportunity for them.

Share your favorite thing about DMC Atlanta.

Sydney: The company culture and working with my friends.

Chloe: The culture is by far my favorite thing. I love how we are there for each other, and we also have team nights where we do something fun, which is really hard to find in most work environments.

Describe our company culture and why you believe it’s welcoming to new employees.

Sydney: We mean business, but it’s rewarding. There’s a lot of energy, and it’s like working with some of your best friends.

Chloe: With the positive energy we create, I think it’s compelling to see how what we do makes us driven, and we want to see others have that same opportunity.

What drew you to work with us?

Sydney: The recruiter’s energy.

Chloe: I honestly was looking to get out of the restaurant industry. What drew me to DMC Atlanta was how welcoming the team was and the abundant room for growth.

Tell us about your leadership style.

Sydney: I can’t lead you if I’m not an example.

Chloe: I’m a transformational leader.

What is your greatest skill?

Sydney: My student mentality and desire to constantly want to grow and learn.

Chloe: Connecting with others on a personal level and listening.

Would you say you are more team or independently-motivated?

Sydney: Team-oriented. I want to see everyone win.

Chloe: I’m more team-oriented.

Name values that are important to you in a teammate or interview candidate.

Sydney: Your work ethic and attitude.

Chloe: Positive energy is the biggest input and output. It truly has the biggest effect on yourself and others around you and motivates you to do your best and grow.

Share what qualities you are looking for in an interview candidate.

Sydney: Personality, are they a people person, and do they have a student mentality?

Chloe: Self-driven and competitive. To have confidence in yourself is powerful.

What advice do you have for those at the start of their career?

Sydney: Have a family.

Chloe: Find what it is that motivates you. Without passion, there is no drive.

What has been your greatest accomplishment to date?

Sydney: Leaving Ohio and completely starting over in Georgia.

Chloe: Learning to become independent at a young age and always wanting to grow to be where and who I want to be.

How do you measure your own performance and success?

Sydney: Did I give my 100%, or could I have done more?

Chloe: Every year, I make realistic and unrealistic goals, and in between, I measure my growth and look at how far I have come in the year with my accomplishments and what I need to work on.

Who inspires you?

Sydney: My mom. She’s my biggest supporter and critic.

Chloe: Myself in ten years.

Sydney and Chloe, thank you both for taking the time to give us a peek into your professional journeys and what you’re aiming to achieve here at DMC Atlanta. As we inch closer to the new year, we gain excitement for everything we know you’re both going to achieve.

To speak with either of these rockstar recruiters, reach out at (770) 817-4646 or hr@dmcatlanta.com!

Chloe Evans

Sydney Brown

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