Human Resources Recruiter

Tia Maiello was born and raised in a super small town in upstate NY – a place where it would take you a 20-minute drive to find a gas station. She always knew she wanted something bigger -somewhere with more opportunity. Tia eventually made her way to Buffalo, NY for college and fell in love with the Buffalo Bills (This is probably not the best thing to admit while Atlanta). Upon graduation, she made a big decision to pack up and move to Florida with her husband, who at the time was stationed there with the Military. As her husband’s journey came to an end, Tia’s had just begun. They moved to the Atlanta area, where she quickly started working with DMC Atlanta. In her now years with the company, Tia has fulfilled her dream of working somewhere brimming with opportunity. She is incredibly excited to see where the future brings her and the DMC team and enjoys spending free time with her new baby!

Tia grew up in a tiny town in Upstate New York and loves being a part of DMC Atlanta’s growth. We love it when she says “calendar.”