Account Manager

Born and raised in India, Kruti moved to the US when she was 13 years old. Hard-working as ever, she received a Bachelor’s Degree in accounting from JSU in Alabama in December of 2018 and moved to Georgia immediately after. As quoted by Kruti, “DMC and the people who work here are my happy place. I was looking for a growth-centric opportunity and positive environment to work in and found it here at DMC.”

Family and friends are crucial to Kruti’s happiness, and you can find her with her loved ones when she’s not at the office! She’s equal parts introverted and extroverted, analytical and free-spirited, and a total blast to be around. She even states she’s a 50% Bollywood / 50% Hollywood fan – a mix of both her childhood and adulthood lives. Fun fact: Bring her guacamole or chocolate to the office, and she’ll be your new best friend!