Market Director

Alethea was born in a rainy southern Alaskan city and spent most of her childhood years growing up in Florida, but claims Atlanta as her home. She grew up as “a performing arts kid with a strong desire to entertain and make an impact as a leader in my community.” During her college years, Alethea planned on moving back to Atlanta as soon as she graduated, located DMC Atlanta during the chaos of graduation, and found it to be a perfect fit. Alethea has always loved being on stage, speaking in public, and helping others achieve whatever goal they have set for their lives.

Alethea has many hobbies to keep herself busy in her spare time. She loves to have fun traveling, practicing her interest in film creation, practicing film/stage make up, acting, Netflix binging, and singing as often as possible. “I will always be a nerdy theatre kid at heart, but my passion is to help as many people as possible achieve their dreams. My passion fits well with the culture at DMC and has helped me push myself to achieve more on a daily basis.”

Alethea went from entry-level to management, completing the DMC Atlanta Management Training Program in under two years.

Alethea was born in Alaska, spent most of her childhood in Florida, but claims Atlanta as her home. Occasionally Adam hides in her hair when Jenna is being really loud.