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For the past nine years, our team has rallied together to raise money and awareness for an organization that we are extremely passionate about – the Movember Foundation. The Movember Foundation has made a commitment that we believe in 100%; a commitment to stop men from dying too soon. In the beginning, we set our sights small, but over time, our intentions became bigger with each passing November. Discovering that men die on average six years earlier than women set a fire within each of our team members to do more to help keep the men in our lives around longer!

The Movember Foundation, for those who may be unfamiliar, is a global charity raising funds and awareness for men’s health. The organization wants to help men live longer, healthier, and happier lives through investing in four key areas: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health, and physical inactivity. In the next fifteen years, prostate cancer rates will double. Currently, testicular cancer is the most common cancer among men aged fifteen to thirty-nine. Globally, one man dies by suicide every minute of every day. Right now, we want you to pause for a full sixty seconds. In that time period, a human being died because he was not given the resources that he needed to secure his mental health.

This past year alone, our team raised $47,655. To further acknowledge the powerhouse fundraisers our company boasts, in the past nine years, we have raised more than $220,000. To say that we are proud of one another and every friend, family, and business colleague that donated would be an understatement. However, this is only the beginning. To lower the annual percentages of men passing before their time, we have to continue to raise money and spread awareness.

In 2019, we hosted two fundraising events. The first was at Hudson Grill here in Atlanta, and the second was a MoGa (Movember Yoga) event led by yoga Instructor, Jenny Holding, co-owner of Skull Shine Studios. Each of these events not only raised money but also put our knowledgeable team members face-to-face with the public. Our goal was to talk with the Atlanta community on a personal level and let them know that to lengthen the lives of themselves and/or their loved ones, they needed to take action now!

As mentioned earlier, we take our commitment to the Movember Foundation very seriously. So much so, that our President, Adam, and his showstopping mustache, were recognized as the philanthropy’s largest fundraiser this year. His passion and dedication to others have been contagious throughout both our office and the local community. We are honored to call him our mentor and appreciated seeing his selfless efforts recognized.

How do the Movember Foundation and DMC Atlanta continue to enact change in the future? By sharing facts, uniting the world’s brightest minds, and, most importantly, listening and advocating for men. By 2030, our goal, in conjunction with the Movember Foundation’s, is to reduce the number of men dying prematurely by 25%. This is a huge goal that requires strong partnerships with all levels of government, as well as research communities.

Our team here at DMC Atlanta is proud of all that we achieved for the Movember Foundation throughout the past nine years. However, our journey has just begun. We look to each of you reading this blog and urge you to think of your husband, your father, your brothers, uncles, and even your sons. Think of how much you value their lives. Think of how you would feel if they passed away before their time due to a preventable disease. Please, join us in taking action!

To donate or for more information, visit our team’s Movember Foundation profile.

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Savanah Hart

Human Resources Recruiter

Savanah is an Atlanta native who graduated from Valdosta State.  If you thank her for something, you will immediately know she worked at Chick-Fil-A

Adam Dorfman

President & CEO

Adam founded DMC Atlanta in 2003. He is a bourbon and food snob who loves his family and live music. He is also a proud "Headblade" proponent.

Chris Auwarter


Chris grew up in a small town in NY and runs an office in Dallas, TX.  He is a proud Cleveland Browns Fan.  Seriously.  He is.

Leon Butts

Account Manager

Leon was born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico and raised by a single mother with 17 siblings. Leon has always had a competitive spirit and a natural when it came to athletics, especially wrestling.

Kenneth Burke

Account Manager

Ken was born and raised in upstate New York, and his true personality is just as colorful and awesome as part of his upbringing, where he worked with traveling carnivals!

Michael Cosper


Michael was raised south of Atlanta. He is a rabid UGA fan who runs our team in Nashville with his wife, Vianca. Go Dawgs!

Andres Campanucci


"The Nucci" is a native of Buenos Aires, Argentina. If you don't like him, it's you, not him.  He's awesome.

Mike Figueroa


Mike was born in New York, NY but raised in Atlanta, GA and attended the State University of West Georgia.

Shilan Parham


Shilan was born and raised in Iran, moved to China, and lived there for 8 years. She always had a dream to move to the United States, as it is the land of opportunity.

Rae Stafford

Human Resources Manager

Rae has been a part of the DMC Atlanta team since 2012. She is head of HR and has an unnatural love of queso.

Chad Harpole


Chad Harpole started in the company in Austin, TX.

Tia Maiello

Human Resources Recruiter

Tia grew up in a tiny town in Upstate New York and loves being a part of DMC Atlanta's growth. We love it when she says "calendar."  

Adam McNally


Adam  was born in Washington D.C. and grew up in a small town in southern Maryland. He loves this business because it's purely based on performance.

Austin Owen


Austin was born and raised in Atlanta. He has traveled the US in search of the perfect protein shake.

Jenna Huss

VP of Development

Jenna is DMC Atlanta's VP of development. She is one of the smartest people we know, but she has no idea how loud she is.

Dan Bazuin


Dan was raised in a northern Michigan, runs an office in Detroit, and has the nickname "Bear Claw." Dan joined our team after a couple of years in the NFL. 

Alethea Burke


Alethea was born in Alaska, spent most of her childhood in Florida, but claims Atlanta as her home. Occasionally Adam hides in her hair when Jenna is being really loud.

Julia Copeland

Human Resources Recruiter

Julia was born in Iowa, but her dad's job moved her family out to the suburbs of north Atlanta. From there, her love for lemonade and the word "Y'all" grew.

Ganessa Pickens

Assistant Manager

Ganessa is from Riverside, CA, but we are slowly converting her to sweet tea.  She has mastered the non-duckface selfie.

Sofin Rajwani

Account Manager

Sofin was born and raised in India, then made his way to the States to further his education. He loves to dance and is often seen busting a move around the office here at DMC Atlanta!